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Interior wall affected by rising damp
Rising Damp /Damp Proofing
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Dealing With Rising Damp in Sydney

Rising damp is the general term for water that flows upwards through the permeable walls of a building. A good example is the saturation of foundations–usually from the surrounding ground. It’s a vertical movement of water through the porous materials through capillary action. Rising damp in Sydney is a rare but serious situation requiring immediate attention by JDS Waterproofing Solutions.


What Are The Symptoms of Rising Damp? /
What can happen if i don't treat it?

Rising dampness will cause serious damage to a building’s structural integrity. It can also damage timberwork, like flooring and skirting boards. Common symptoms include:

  • The mortar between the bricks becomes powdery.

  • The bricks crumble when touched.

  • The walls sweat or form droplets and eventually salt crystals.

  • The render separates from the wall and falls off.

  • Fresh paint does not dry uniformly and fails to adhere to the surface.

Examples of Symptoms

What Is NOT Rising Damp?

Please read this before calling the damp specialists in Sydney. Not all moisture problems in the house are caused by rising dampness. Improper ventilation, especially with our humid sea air, can also cause pockets of moisture.

  • Mouldy clothes (only)

  • Damp smells (only)

  • Mould only in your wardrobe or cupboard

  • If you ONLY have dampness surrounding your bathroom

Outline of Our Rising Damp Repair Procedure

We have dealt with many different damp proofing issues in Sydney. Our system for rising damp repair protects the wall’s structure and doesn’t involve replacing or removing bricks/stones. Each successful project carries a 20-year warranty for the complete prevention of rising damp.

Problem solved

After injecting the DPC Chemical, the fluid will spread and disperse throughout the brickwork. It will create a special membrane (red in the picture), which allows the bricks to breathe. The brick line treated with the chemical remains dry.

How The Damp Proofing Injection Works

After removing the skirting and all affected plaster where applicable, we expose the wall up to a height of 400mm above the highest damp point.

We drill a series of 10mm holes in the brick or stone to predetermined depths and spacings for maximum saturation.

We insert the injection nozzles into the holes and activate the expansion washers. We inject the DPC Chemical until complete saturation is visually evident and we achieve full saturation.

Verifying the Damp Proofing Injection

After injecting the damp proofing, we conducted a specific water test in this case. The bricks above the chemical change colour as it absorbs the water, but the brick line saturated with the treatment remains dry. This result indicates that we successfully stopped the rising dampness.

Why Choose Us for Damp Proofing in Sydney?

We are a team of highly trained, licensed, and insured damp specialists in Sydney. Our pricing is very honest and transparent. You will only pay for the result, not the hourly job duration. We care about your building and work efficiently to ensure a satisfying, clean and stress-free process for rising damp repair in Sydney.

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